Innovations and First in the Industry

  • Air Deccan API thru Web Scrapping – We created an API for getting the Air Fares of Air Deccan, the first LCC Airline in India. This API of ours could source all Fares and Availabilities on real-time basis. We offered our services to many big Travel Agencies of that time
  • Low Cost Airlines API with complete Functionality from Availability to Book – We sensed the success of Low Cost Airlines early in its life cycle. IndiGo, SpiceJet and GoAir were there to stay.
    We developed an API for all the above 3 airlines when the API from Airlines were not available

    This API of ours was a complete API which could get the real time availability and fares, but also create a PNR.

    It was a very successful venture of ours and most of our clients used these services from us.
  • Low Cost Special Fares API – The 3 Low Cost carriers offered different Fares in different Login ID like Coupon, Special, Corporate etc. We developed the API to get not only all the Fare Types but also create a booking
  • Booking Swapper – We were again pioneers in creating a Fare Swapper that works at the time of Booking a PNR thru our LCC API. The Swapper would check the fares from all the given Logins and Fare Types like Published, Corporate, Coupon, Special in a pre-defined order. If the swapper finds that the current fare is less than the customer opted fare, the API will create the PNR in this fare giving an enormous earning opportunity to the Travel Agency. This was a roaring success.
  • Profile Syncing – We developed a customer Profile Syncing Solution between the Online system and Amadeus
  • Group Medical Coverage / Employee Benefits Portal – We developed a user friendly application to Manage the Group Policies of the Corporate Employees. This is the first portal in the industry that is Multi-lingual
  • We are among the very first Technology Companies to own a CAP license from Amadeus
  • We are also among the very first Technology Companies to own a Travelport uAPI license
  • We are the first Technology Company to integrate Jalesh Cruise API (now Cordelia) in our Platform

Making Enterprises Successful thru our Technology Solution and Un Matched Service. For Enterprises to succeed with the Online Systems, the Technology has to be robust and the support to be unparalleled. The Support is much more important than the technology itself.

The Solution should be able to adapt itself with the changing market needs and Support the Enterprises to succeed. The one which offers unique features stand apart from others and bound to succeed.

Time to deliver is very critical. You always get the first mover advantage at whatever stage you are.

Influence Technolabs followed the Mantra for Adaptability with Speed. Any requirement of its Customers is well heard and delivered before time every time.

We are Instrumental in the Success of So many Big Travel Agents / Insurance Brokers

  • – This company headed by Nishant Pittie, started with B2B operations in 2008. The initial start was slow but in a span of 1 year the online business started picking up and it also started a B2C portal along with B2B.
    Initially connected with Amadeus and Our LCC API and later we added Travelport uAPI also

    Our Support and adaptability towards newer and innovative enhancements/developments made them successful beyond anybody’s imagination

    We experimented with them for our All Fare LCC API, Fare Swapper and so on

    Till the time they instituted the internal IT team, they were on our product only as late as mid 2018
  • – It started with us in 2013. Started with a Flight Booking engine with some third-party API’s and Distributor accounting, but grew with so many newer Products like – IRCTC, DMT – Domestic Money Transfer, Utility and Bill Payment.
  • Uniglobe Travel South Asia – The entire Uniglobe Franchise network adopted our Online Product. As all the Franchise are independent IATA agencies having its own IATA and PCC.o The Online Solution was hosted as a single solution. o Every Franchise should be able to fetch fares from its PCC and make a booking on the same. o We made the system intelligent to take care of all these challenges which appear to be bigger than mountain
  • Kafila Tours and Travels – Kafila launched its first Online B2B Portal on our Technology Platform. It was connected with Amadeus as a GDS besides our LCC Scrapper API for Indigo, Spice Jet and Go Air. It was the first customer with whom we started with a transaction-based model and it worked well with us.
  • Akbar Holidays – We have created a complete Cruise Booking Engine with extranet and API integration including Jalesh, Norwegian, MSC, Dream cruises. All other cruises are done thru the extranet system. The Complete cruise inventory is available for sale. We are also planning to expose and API for the other Travel Agencies
    The System has been developed on the UI layer provided by Akbar and it fits beautifully with other online Products of Akbar. To the user there is no difference between a Flight and Cruise Product

    Akbar also does B2B and all the Agents sit on Akbar Platform, we have done a SSO integration whereby the Agent is validated thru an SSO API and restricted Agent info is available in the Cruise Booking Engine
  • – We are powering EMT with our Cruise Booking Engine. It will be connected with Cordelia, Norwegian, MSC and Dream Cruises thru the API while rest of the other Cruise Lines would be available thru our Cruise Extranet System. We are proud to have EMT back with us
  • (Atlas Online) – has created its name in the B2B space and We are powering them with our Cruise Booking Engine. It will be connected with Cordelia, Norwegian and MSC Cruises thru the API while rest of the other Cruise Lines would be available thru our Cruise Extranet System.
  • Guideline Tours – Guideline is the GSA for Norwegian and Dream Cruises. We have developed a Cruise Booking Portal for Retail and Corporate Customers. The system is integrated the NCL and Dream Cruises API along with a extranet system to upload the Group Rates.
  • Thomas Cook and SOTC – Thomascook India has implemented our Cruise Booking Engine for its B2C Customers and Call Center. A special option of sending the Payment Link to the Client is developed for the Call Center assisted Cruise Bookings. Presently integrated with Cordelia, but soon to add more API's into the portal.
  • Ebix ( – Ebix is one of the leading Players in B2B and B2C space thru its online portal We are powering them with Cruise Booking Engine.
  • Yorkers Holidays – We are doing Cordelia, NCL and MSC API’s for Yorker. The MSC integration is in process while the Cordelia and NCL are already LIVE
  • Jagsons Travels – They are one of our oldest Client and we have been powering them with Air, Hotel, Cabs, Holidays, Insurance, Cruise, NDC etc. They are one of our largest Customers in Cruise Bookings.
  • Futurisk Insurance Broking Company – Futurisk is one of the leading Brokers in Group Insurance. We have successfully implemented our GMC System and migrated all Corporate Data from old system to our system. Presently we are serving a little over one million Lives thru our GMC Application

We have been instrumental in the success of, Surat,, Delhi, Jonki Travels, Rajkot, New Bharat Agency, Surat, Lords Travels, Delhi, Paul Merchants, Chandigarh

Our Flight Product is already connected with Meta Search Engines like Skyscanner, Wego, Kayak, Jetradar, Jetcost, Google Flights etc. and we have powered,, with the meta search engine