Whatsapp chatbot with AI for addressing customer queries besides complete Employee Dashboard with below functionalities -

  • Enrollment
  • Download eCard
  • View Policy Documents
  • View Employee Coverage
  • Allow Family Members amendment
  • Option to choose Top-up Cover
  • SPOC Details
  • Help Center
  • Check Working Chatbot here

AI Enabled Insurance Policy Whatsapp Assistant -

  • Use Complex Policy Terms Documents
  • Query the Document in Simple English like Maternity Cover, Knee Replacement
  • Get Answers to queries in Real Time
  • The AI Bot scans the documents and answer based on the terms
  • Most of the Queries can be addressed Automatically without any manual intervention
  • AI Assiatant for addressing Policy Related Queries without any manual intervention, You can save 90% of your support team time with 10 times better response time and customer satisfaction.
  • Check AI Assistant here

Buy International Travel Insurance thru Whatsapp -

  • Mutiple Plans
  • USA & Cananda, Asia, Schengen, Rest of the world
  • Get Premium Details
  • Immediately get Insurance Policy